I will be in your heart forever

this week has been a roller coaster in itself,


I cannot believe you’re leaving six months to year from now,


It seems far to other people but for us it seems to get closer and closer for me,


I’m trying not to dwell on the fact that you’re leaving six months to year from now,


I’m so scared for you just the thought of you putting on that uniform it’s just all so real,


Don’t worry you’ll be in my heart forever ,


As you put on that uniform just know that I am in your heart,


I will be there when the battle begins in your heart,


I will be there waiting for you as the plane lands,


I will be there for you every difficult to that you have,


I definitely will just know that I’m proud of you in your decision you made to join the U.S Army 


I’m Sorry for blaming you

It’s like yesterday when I saw your face he told me how proud you were,


 and then you walked away and now it’s hard to say goodbye but it comes to this,


Did I tell you I was  wrong did you help me understand thank you for all you’ve done forgive me for all my mistakes,


Oh I’m sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn’t do,


There is nothing I wouldn’t do to hear your voice again and look into your eyes,


If I had just one more day I would tell you how much I missed you since you’ve been away


I’m sorry for blaming you for everything couldn’t do ,


You are just trying to be a good friend and I took you for a  joke I’m sorry man,


May you rest in peace Daniel 

A roller coaster ride


A roller coaster ride



Why wont you open up your eyes and see how wonderful this love can be?


Up and down and all around I feel like our relationship is roller coaster ride,


Up and down all around feeling nauseous inside,


As the roller coaster drops down 100 feet in my heart,


We have been up and down and all around for a year and a half now,


Up-and-down and all-around as we find a way to get through this roller coaster ride once again,

My Destiny


My destiny

I can’t believe It,


This is my destiny,


This is my soul my passion my dreams,


I’m one step closer from that dream,


Writing is my passion it’s what I live for,


Yeah I may have had a rough past trying to find this passion,


But this is a one-of-a-kind dream,


I finally proved everybody wrong as I found my passion for writing,


This is my destiny no one can stop me for it,


I dedicate this poem to all my fans and supporters you guys are the reason I wake up every morning and smile even when the days are bad so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jesus walks with me


Jesus walks with me as I took a step forward in my life,


Jesus walks with me as I try and fight the devil,


Jesus walks with me as my enemies try to get the best of me,


Jesus walks with me as miracles happen to me,


Jesus walks with me as I began to feel weak he gives me the strength I need to get though own wonderful day like this,


Jesus walks with me as I laugh and cry I smile,


He walks with me as I continue to overcome obstacles and challenges,

University Drive


University Drive

Two unfortunate teens living on university drive,


Asking for some money,


One wanted the money for food the other one just wanted the money for him,


Scott and John same situation different attitude,


Scott is always happy and giving to others and he takes a dollar with gratitude,


John is always mean and ungrateful and takes a dollar with no gratitude


John thought homeless people to didn’t have a life but something happened he and his family lost everything in a single night,


Same thing with Scott thought homeless people didn’t have the life is something happened where he and his family lost everything in a single night,


One day John asked Scott why are you so happy do you like the fact that we are living poor are you enjoying the fact that we can’t eat no more in less from a trashcan we can’t even go into a store,


Scott paused and answered very quietly John I know my pockets empty but I’m feeling great and really I have no shame ever since I lost it all I’d been a stronger men, mentally physically it’s not really hard to see this the beginning of our future John, Scott you know what let’s go to church and let’s build our spirits that we lost


John replies you know you’re right even better let’s go build the church and lift other people’s spirits up and let’s spread the word so people can learn from our mistakes,


Scott and John about to make a change in their lives,


God is love amen





on my way to Florida


On my way to Florida,


On my way to Florida for the first time new begins,


Excited overjoyed to start this new journey with my mother and the new friend someone I call daddy,


New beginnings and new start for me a new chance for me to have a better life,


No more having to deal with struggles or fear in me,


On my way to Florida I can smell the palm trees that smell so good,


I can feel the positive  air around me ,


On my way to Florida where I can see new  hope for me,


On my way to Florida where I can see new dreams for me,


Oh sweet old Florida were finally here a new start a new beginning ,