I feel your presence


I feel your presence with me,
As I start this new journey,
I feel your soul by my side,
I can still hear you screaming you can do it don’t give up on yourself,
I can see you smiling as you look down at me proud ,



I’m Not having a baby

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 12.18.04 AM

Hello my blogger followers,


First off my sincere apologies for the drama on twitter today it was unnecessary.


Secondly, I would like to say that I’m not pregnant and don’t have a baby on the way by my ex-boyfriend please do not listen to anything Golffan320 says on Twitter there are a whole bunch of lies that are not worth my time I will not be reading anymore emails regarding this


I think it’s quite ridiculous how somebody can spread a disgusting and disturbing rumor about myself and about my family.


I would be resolving this as soon as possible







A Beautiful Angel-In loving memory of Andrea Bella Ely



A little girl crossing the street,
Earns her wings and goes to heaven,
Such a beautiful angel like Andera is now watching over her parents nancy and Andrew
Because heavens got a beatifull angel flying around the world
Such a beautiful angel,
Always smiling and laughing and making people smile such a beautiful angel
Such a beautiful angel flying over her parents
Heaven got a beautiful angel


f*** it Goodbye world!


I can’t this pain inside of me,
I feel like putting a gun to my head and saying fuck my life and soul..
But what good does that do?
Nothing I must find my way out of this is this dark hole of depression this is killing me I gotta get out of this I’m only 15 years old but God has told me no I must go to this pain I must go to this heartbreak I’m going to though it all as I can’t take it anymore and put a gun to my chest and say I’m broken when I’m lonesome f*** it goodbye world


I feel like an ass

I feel like an ass

I fell in love with you just thinking about myself

I know its too late now your hurt by My betrayal

Everything is pack this is a rap im sorry I yell as you continue to pack you yell  no its too lateyou made your choice

As I begged on my knees  tears coming down my eyes you walk out the door with a broken heart I continue to feel like an ass




Tonight we are one nation !


How could they let this go free?

No way to understand an un armed teen dead

He was just walking home to watch the game no way to understand

Tonight we are mourning as one nation as we hear the verdict not guilty


But we must not be violence towards one another we must come together as one nation for Trayvon Martin

As his legacy continues to live on in change many people’s life 

As Tonight we become one nation