Sitting in my room with nothing to do,


As I write this poem just for you,


As I look out my window and see the beautiful sunset,


As I think of you and how strong you are,


As I continue to pray for you and your family,


As you are in God’s hands I pray that God heals you,


As I look out at the Sunset I think about how much you have touched my heart,


In the short time that I’ve known you,


As the day comes to a close I continue to pray for you as you continue your battle with cancer and cerebral palsy,


Austin, you’re an amazing young man I feel honored to have met you keep staying strong love you always Tylia Flores (buttercup)


  Please Go like Austin’s fan page on Facebook and please donate to him as he’s is fighting for his life 







 It’s feels like time has frozen,


 As I look into your eyes and I see my future,


 It feels like time has frozen as you hold me tight,


 And feels like time has frozen every time I’m with you,


 It feels like time has frozen every time I fall under the spell,


 It feels like time has frozen every time you say the three magic words,


 It feels like time has frozen every time I hear your name,


   It feels like time has frozen but in reality time has,


 As my heart skips a beat Every time I’m with you




“My Challenges and Obstacles” By Tylia Flores


“My Challenges and Obstacles”

By Tylia Flores


       Waking up in pain and needing help to get out of the bed, this is all too normal for me. When you are born with a disability your bound to face some sort of obstacles in life.  The best thing I learned over the years is to overcome all obstacles and to always be myself. Having this disability has affected my childhood, health, and even socially by being pre-judged. My disability has forced me to explore life in a different way.


On the other hand, I wouldn’t say it’s all bad and that I had a bad  childhood. Being born with a disability is not the end of the world. It’s not like when I was born I had a choice anyway I couldn’t tell the doctor “no cerebral palsy please.” However, I did have to learn to do things differently. For Example:  As a child in elementary school every student in class were learning how to write there ABC’s while I was learning how to type them on the computer. Being older now has helped me understand that, although my childhood may have been different, it did provide me with many advantages.


After, childhood of course came my teenage years were I began to notice the health concerns involved with my disability. My first surgery was at the age of three years old and during this surgery I had my tendons release in my legs. When I turned eight I had a hip surgery and was in a body cast for six weeks. I can remember this surgery because it happened two weeks before Halloween and I had the best costume in town. When trick or treaters came to the door I just laid in my body cast in a special wheelchair with my face painted as a zombie thinking, “Wow this is so cool.” Meanwhile, in the back of my head I thought to myself “I hope these surgeries help me one day be able to walk.” My mother has taken me to many doctors and specialist over the years, and while some gave us hope others just told us that it is not medically possible. I believe I will always have health challenges in my life, however I also believe in miracles and blessing.


In the Meantime,  I try to stay positive and not think of all the  pre-judgment I have gotten throughout my life, because I am in a wheelchair. Teens can be so mean when you appear to be different. I always feel like I have to prove myself even though I can do most of the same thing they do. For Example: I am part of an organization called “The Plantation Dynamites” where people with any type of disability get to play sports. The sports I like to play are basketball and baseball because they are my favorites. My mom likes to videotape me play and I like to put the videos up on my Youtube channel, so I can show others that even though I am in a wheelchair we are all the same. However, that doesn’t stop people from pre-judging me when they see me out in public. Some people stare and even allow their kids to stare. It makes me feel sad but at the same time I like to talk to those people. Most of the time they are shocked that I can talk let alone have a conversation.  It just goes to show you that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Nevertheless, I can understand that anyone with a disability will have to face obstacles and challenges no matter what. The key is to learn from those challenges and keep pushing forward. Through my experiences in my  childhood, health, and being prejudged I learned to overcome it all.  I am older now and understand that my disability will impact my life, however it will not stop me from being myself Life is what you make!


you have cerebral palsy? So what !


Why don’t you shut your mouth and listen,


Don’t you know you have a great life?


Enough of you making excuses for yourself,


You have Cerebral palsy so what that’s no excuse to give up,


  People tell you can’t do something so what who are they to judge you,


There’s just haters that just know your name not your story,


 You got to keep going no matter what people think of you,


People will always  stereotyped you but you have to always have a smile on your face  and said hello I’m me so what ,


You just got to be yourself I make it today and forever on,


Running over Cancer and CP – For Austin


It feel like I’ve know you all my life,


Even those we just met,


As you remind me so such of my garden angel up beloved,


As I stand by your side as fight your battle with C.P and Cancer,


Trying to make to tomorrow going to chemo dealing with test,


Trying fighting this battle as I’m joining you as we defeat this battle together,


As we become stronger in battle I’ll be there for you until the end,


As I pray for you night and day remember that I always be my your side,


As I’m your new buttercup and your are my minion,


We will continue to fight this battle together united as the best friends,



As we run over cancer together running over cancer and C.P with Austin and Tylia that’s what it all about,

lost in translation


We go around and around,


As my heart continue to be lost in translation,


As I’m thinking my head is lost in translation,


As I’m trapped in the middle of two hearts,


I’m lost in translation as I’m watching my baby cry as he screaming my name as he looks at me in tears,


I say listen Charles I love you so much I was drunk,


No he say as he pushed me away as I stayed lost in translation,


 Ten years Rachael I gave you everything I loved so much we’ve together since we were in dippers I work two jobs to be your king is this how you repaid me by sleeping with my brother, I’m loss in translation as I’m crying my eyes out,


Baby listen I’m sorry for cheating with Bradley


 Why my beautiful angel just why I’m lost in translation as I’m looking into your eyes,


 It was the night before our wedding I was under a lot of stress and I had a little bit too much to drink and had oral sex with Bradley,


 Baby girl I’m so lost in Translation as I go to the courthouse and sign the papers and finally say goodbye forever as you stay struck in translation,  







I’m not the jealous type,


But when I see you with her,


I just get envy inside,


As you walked holding hands,


I say why her?


And not me,


As I see her with her curly blonde hair, 


And her beautiful white teeth,


I so wish she were me as I get J.E.A.L.O.U.S


Boy I don’t know why you don’t noticed me as you walk down these halls,


As I’m that J.E.A.L.O.US girl,


Don’t  you know that looks aren’t everything,


She’s  a girl with coldheart  look deep now in her soul,


As I’m that J.E.A.LO.US girl


Boy don’t  know why you got me acting like this ,