beautiful gift


Thanking god for beautiful gift of life,


Thinking about the fight I’ve just defeated,


Not knowing what’s next I still stand tall,


No mater what people say?


I’m still a champion,


As the lord Jesus Christ walks to my path,


And thank him for all things he has done for me,



As we grow apart and make it to fame


 Laying in my bed,


Just looking to the moon and stars,


Just thinking how pround of you I’m,


You have come a long way dealing with your challenges,


Fighting for my dream brings tears of joy to my eyes,


After everything we said to eatchother I hate you I love you ,


You finally changed for the better ,


I guess this  was all apart of god’s plan,


For us to grow apart and make our way to fame,


I’m a published  author now your on your way to becoming the next Tiger Wood ,


Oh and by the way I wish you and your   new girl the best of luck,


As  I  will always  keep that special spot in my heart for you as I close this chapter,








Looking back – 9th grade year


Looking back down at the road,


On the stupid choices I made,


Hanging out with the wrong crowd,


Skipping classes because I told I was too stupid to go to class,


Looking back at the road,


Were teachers laughed at me?


Told me I had a low IQ of an 8 year old,


Looking back at that road,


Laughing my butt off as the teachers are kissing my behind,


Looking back at that road,


I laugh at all those teachers,


That accused me of cheating on test and called me stupid,


As I signed a copy of my book and say thanks for not believing me Tylia Flores,


As I walk out with the smile on my face, thinking about my new future beginning I can say is look at me now,





My shining star



My shining star

By Tylia Flores


You are my moon,


You are my night shining star,


You are the stars in the night sky,


You are my handsome angel,


You are my other half,


You are my wings when I fly,


You are my night shining star as bright as the moon,


You are my moon,


You are my night shining star,


You are my handsome angel,


You are my shining star,


To the moon and back,


I wrote this poem for my boyfriend Austin Austin, I love you so much I’m so happy god give me you we in this together !

problem that don’t exist

I don’t know what to write about,



 Too much on my mind,


 Running out of time,


 Looking for answers to my problems,


 I don’t know what the issue is,


  Thoughts going on my mind,


 As I’m running out of time to figure out  resolution to this problem that doesn’t even exist,


He’s gone now you should be happy,


 As I say here with too much on my mind,


 Dwelling on the past that does no good,


 Trying to figure the solution  to a problem that doesn’t exist,


 Running out of time too much on my mind,


 As I spend another night alone,


 As I come to you  my psychologies writing ,


 Running at a time to much on my mind,


 Trying to figure out a solution to my problem that doesn’t really exist,


 As I spent another night alone looking back at my past,


  The past that always haunts me deep down inside,


Trying to move on but the toxic keeps taking over my mind,


I’m trying oh god I’m trying


The Jordan’s Story



The Jordan’s Story

By Tylia Flores

It was a sunny day when me and my home attendant, Shenae who is short, sweet, kind and loving with caramel skin and with dark brown eyes decided to take a nice, long stroll to the Mall. When we got to the mall all of a sudden we passed by the shoe store named “finish line” and then I saw this pair of black and purple Jordan sneakers were calling my name, it was like an illusion like they were talking to me; saying “Tylia I know you want me on your feet, come and get it”. At that moment I just knew I had to get those sneakers. I fell in love with them as if I got hit with the love bug as they felt so good on my feet and as they continued talking to me. As I was indecisive whether to buy them or not, the assistant at the store was trying to persuade me which worked really well cause he was like a cartoon with a big bald head saying “you know you want them, look they fit you so well, you don’t have to ask your mom for permission just swipe your credit card right here on my lovely machine and they will be all yours”. As I was looking down at my purse I could hear my credit card talking to me, saying, “use me, use you donate $10 to cancer every time you use me”. As time went on my home attendant kept reminding you need to call mom and that’s exactly what I ended up doing. So I called mom and I was like “mom, mom, I saw these cool sneakers and I wanted to ask if I could get them”; mom gladly replied and said “yes Ty you can”.