My shining star



My shining star

By Tylia Flores


You are my moon,


You are my night shining star,


You are the stars in the night sky,


You are my handsome angel,


You are my other half,


You are my wings when I fly,


You are my night shining star as bright as the moon,


You are my moon,


You are my night shining star,


You are my handsome angel,


You are my shining star,


To the moon and back,


I wrote this poem for my boyfriend Austin Austin, I love you so much I’m so happy god give me you we in this together !


The Jordan’s Story



The Jordan’s Story

By Tylia Flores

It was a sunny day when me and my home attendant, Shenae who is short, sweet, kind and loving with caramel skin and with dark brown eyes decided to take a nice, long stroll to the Mall. When we got to the mall all of a sudden we passed by the shoe store named “finish line” and then I saw this pair of black and purple Jordan sneakers were calling my name, it was like an illusion like they were talking to me; saying “Tylia I know you want me on your feet, come and get it”. At that moment I just knew I had to get those sneakers. I fell in love with them as if I got hit with the love bug as they felt so good on my feet and as they continued talking to me. As I was indecisive whether to buy them or not, the assistant at the store was trying to persuade me which worked really well cause he was like a cartoon with a big bald head saying “you know you want them, look they fit you so well, you don’t have to ask your mom for permission just swipe your credit card right here on my lovely machine and they will be all yours”. As I was looking down at my purse I could hear my credit card talking to me, saying, “use me, use you donate $10 to cancer every time you use me”. As time went on my home attendant kept reminding you need to call mom and that’s exactly what I ended up doing. So I called mom and I was like “mom, mom, I saw these cool sneakers and I wanted to ask if I could get them”; mom gladly replied and said “yes Ty you can”.

lost in translation


We go around and around,


As my heart continue to be lost in translation,


As I’m thinking my head is lost in translation,


As I’m trapped in the middle of two hearts,


I’m lost in translation as I’m watching my baby cry as he screaming my name as he looks at me in tears,


I say listen Charles I love you so much I was drunk,


No he say as he pushed me away as I stayed lost in translation,


 Ten years Rachael I gave you everything I loved so much we’ve together since we were in dippers I work two jobs to be your king is this how you repaid me by sleeping with my brother, I’m loss in translation as I’m crying my eyes out,


Baby listen I’m sorry for cheating with Bradley


 Why my beautiful angel just why I’m lost in translation as I’m looking into your eyes,


 It was the night before our wedding I was under a lot of stress and I had a little bit too much to drink and had oral sex with Bradley,


 Baby girl I’m so lost in Translation as I go to the courthouse and sign the papers and finally say goodbye forever as you stay struck in translation,  





Special Needs Awareness – Stop Discrimination Why must we?


Why must we be separated from the other students?


Why must we be treated differently?


Why must we be judged based on our uniqueness?


Why must we be stereotyped based on our looks?


 Why must our dreams be destroyed because of you?


If I were in public school I would think it hates me have you watched the news lately?


Why must we be treated differently when in reality we are all equal?

Why dose it take one IQ test to demined if were smart?


Why must have to become afraid to go get an A+in school?


Why must we be afraid to take a stand for what we believe in?


As of Today I will no longer be afraid to take a stand for I believe in ?


As I start this movement to stop discrimination against special needs students ,!





“Jealousy and Envy”


Jealousy and envy gets you nowhere,


Why are you so jealous of me,


Just because I have it all now,


Just because I moved on you,


Why are you so jealous of me,


Just because I moved on from your douche bagness


The jealousy just makes me want to laugh,


It doesn’t matter what you say or what you do,


He’s still my prince and your still old news,


Your jealousy and envy just makes me want to laugh,


So stop messaging me on Facebook commenting on my twitter post and all my instantram I just delete them and throw them away,


Your jealousy and envy just makes me want to laugh,


You’ll have no alibi so why are you constantly in my mix


Your jealousy and envy just makes me want to laugh,



We play the same old games Break up to make up


We play  the same old games,


Back and forth in our brains,


Not knowing what we want For each other because we’re the same,


 Round and round with our heads in shame,


Through all the mistakes we made,


I can’t explain it as we play more games back and forth and side to side,


 as I’ve come to realize that I can’t take this anymore,


As our hearts keep spinning with emotions as our brains play the same game,


It’s very hard for me to tell if you’re serious about this,


As we claim the same old game back in forth side to side,


All around as our hearts beat faster in the world as we play the same old games,





Thank you for the sperm


No need for your phone calls,


No need for your lies,


There’s no need for your love,


No need for you ,


My wounds are healed,


My heart is healed,


All these years I’ve been thinking it was me that caused you to leave,


But now I realize it was you that ignorant ass that you are that doesn’t give a damn about his daughter,


All these years I’ve been blaming myself looking at the mirror thinking what is wrong with me,


When absolutely there was nothing wrong with me it was you,


I don’t need nothing from you all,  I wanted was an apology but it seems like that’s not coming ,


So sayonara it was nice knowing you as I grow older and become more successful than you ever be,


So sayonara nice to know you thank you for the sperm you have given me I appreciated real talk,