You’re truly amazing

christian and me 

 You’re truly amazing

Yeah I know I’ve been having one of those days today but,


I know you will always be there for me like always just because you’re so amazing,



I’m not usually the type of girl that writes love poems but I had to write this for you,


You are truly amazing,


When I feel like the world is turning against me,


I can always go to you and you always tell me baby girl it’s going to be okay,


You’ll make it I promise you and when you do I’ll be cheering you on like always,


You always make me smile you always make me laugh sometimes even cry tears of joy,


I love everything about you your smile l your personality your jokes it’s just too many things to describe,


You’re truly my whole heart, and I feel like the world is leaning towards me,


You always tell me baby girl it’s going to be okay you’ll make it I couldn’t thank you enough,


I know, pain in the but sometimes and a little bit dramatic but I think you for accepting me for who I am and not caring about my disability,


You’re truly amazing I love you so much