Looking back – 9th grade year


Looking back down at the road,


On the stupid choices I made,


Hanging out with the wrong crowd,


Skipping classes because I told I was too stupid to go to class,


Looking back at the road,


Were teachers laughed at me?


Told me I had a low IQ of an 8 year old,


Looking back at that road,


Laughing my butt off as the teachers are kissing my behind,


Looking back at that road,


I laugh at all those teachers,


That accused me of cheating on test and called me stupid,


As I signed a copy of my book and say thanks for not believing me Tylia Flores,


As I walk out with the smile on my face, thinking about my new future beginning I can say is look at me now,






Special Needs Awareness – Stop Discrimination Why must we?


Why must we be separated from the other students?


Why must we be treated differently?


Why must we be judged based on our uniqueness?


Why must we be stereotyped based on our looks?


 Why must our dreams be destroyed because of you?


If I were in public school I would think it hates me have you watched the news lately?


Why must we be treated differently when in reality we are all equal?

Why dose it take one IQ test to demined if were smart?


Why must have to become afraid to go get an A+in school?


Why must we be afraid to take a stand for what we believe in?


As of Today I will no longer be afraid to take a stand for I believe in ?


As I start this movement to stop discrimination against special needs students ,!