Sitting in my room with nothing to do,


As I write this poem just for you,


As I look out my window and see the beautiful sunset,


As I think of you and how strong you are,


As I continue to pray for you and your family,


As you are in God’s hands I pray that God heals you,


As I look out at the Sunset I think about how much you have touched my heart,


In the short time that I’ve known you,


As the day comes to a close I continue to pray for you as you continue your battle with cancer and cerebral palsy,


Austin, you’re an amazing young man I feel honored to have met you keep staying strong love you always Tylia Flores (buttercup)


  Please Go like Austin’s fan page on Facebook and please donate to him as he’s is fighting for his life 






I’m not the jealous type,


But when I see you with her,


I just get envy inside,


As you walked holding hands,


I say why her?


And not me,


As I see her with her curly blonde hair, 


And her beautiful white teeth,


I so wish she were me as I get J.E.A.L.O.U.S


Boy I don’t know why you don’t noticed me as you walk down these halls,


As I’m that J.E.A.L.O.US girl,


Don’t  you know that looks aren’t everything,


She’s  a girl with coldheart  look deep now in her soul,


As I’m that J.E.A.LO.US girl


Boy don’t  know why you got me acting like this ,


Same Love


It been 2 years since we said goodbye,


All the good times I still remember,


The laughs we shared,


The kisses we shared,


The cuddling we used to do,


The love we shared,


As you left this earth so suddenly,


As you were the love of my life,


As I remember the fight for our love as we are not accept for being the same love,


I was never leaving your side as you were my world my best friend my everything,


As you leave this earth I know that you be with me wherever I go,



I decided this poem to Shane Bitney Crone and his boyfriend Tom  Bridegroom 

Wrecking Ball


I came in like a wrecking ball,


I give my soul to you,


I give everything you could ever asked,


But all you did was wrecked me ,


Yeah all you did was wrecked me,


I came like a wrecking ball as I give my soul to you,


But all you did was wreck me ,


As you became selfish and did what you did,


Yeah you wrecked me 

I forgive you



It’s okay I forgive you for all you done,


No need to shed a tear,


I forgive you for all your mistakes you have done,


I forgive you for the package that you left at my front door,


I forgive you for cheating when a close friend of mine way back when we was young

I forgive you I forgive you for the time to put your hands on me,


I forgive you for everything bad that you’ve done,


Now let’s just move on forget about past and start a new life,


As we start a new life a special place in my heart for you I have kept ,


It’s unfortunate that we can’t be together like you want us that something called destiny we have no control over that,


I forgive you for everything now let’s move on to a new beginning ,


The football captain


The football captain

 I loved everything about him from his personality to his shyness,


 I sat behind him every year waiting for the chance to tell him I’m the one he should be with,


 But he was too busy with all the other girls at school the cheerleaders and the hoes,


 They couldn’t even remember his name they just wanted him for his fame,


   I couldn’t understand why girls would just play him for a sucker, when he was so nice to people and giving and caring and would treat his girls with respect,


 There is no way to understand why a sweet boy like him being the school’s football player would get played,


 But he had it all figured out when he left me with a broken heart,


 Because he didn’t think I can play the part, the football captain the football captain,


He had it all figured out you have left me with the broken heart at prom night,


See let me take you back to the week of prom the year 1998    Ian asked me to prom and then the night prom I walked into the gym looking amazing in my blue dress I was waiting for my price Ian I couldn’t believe my eyes,


The whole school laughed at me as Ian was making out with the one cheerleader that I hated,


The football caption had it all figured out when he left with a broken heart,


Because he didn’t think I can play the part,


But I wasn’t going to stop him,


Because you never know how things can turn around,


Now looking back 15 years later he has 5 kids from 5 different baby mommas and living on food stamps, lost his contract with the NFL everything just went downhill after he stood me up wow I guess he had it all figured out when he left with me a broken heart


As for me I graduated from Harvard and have my law degree I guess he had it all figured out when he left me with a broken heart but look at me now,



A roller coaster ride


A roller coaster ride



Why wont you open up your eyes and see how wonderful this love can be?


Up and down and all around I feel like our relationship is roller coaster ride,


Up and down all around feeling nauseous inside,


As the roller coaster drops down 100 feet in my heart,


We have been up and down and all around for a year and a half now,


Up-and-down and all-around as we find a way to get through this roller coaster ride once again,