problem that don’t exist

I don’t know what to write about,



 Too much on my mind,


 Running out of time,


 Looking for answers to my problems,


 I don’t know what the issue is,


  Thoughts going on my mind,


 As I’m running out of time to figure out  resolution to this problem that doesn’t even exist,


He’s gone now you should be happy,


 As I say here with too much on my mind,


 Dwelling on the past that does no good,


 Trying to figure the solution  to a problem that doesn’t exist,


 Running out of time too much on my mind,


 As I spend another night alone,


 As I come to you  my psychologies writing ,


 Running at a time to much on my mind,


 Trying to figure out a solution to my problem that doesn’t really exist,


 As I spent another night alone looking back at my past,


  The past that always haunts me deep down inside,


Trying to move on but the toxic keeps taking over my mind,


I’m trying oh god I’m trying