As we grow apart and make it to fame


 Laying in my bed,


Just looking to the moon and stars,


Just thinking how pround of you I’m,


You have come a long way dealing with your challenges,


Fighting for my dream brings tears of joy to my eyes,


After everything we said to eatchother I hate you I love you ,


You finally changed for the better ,


I guess this  was all apart of god’s plan,


For us to grow apart and make our way to fame,


I’m a published  author now your on your way to becoming the next Tiger Wood ,


Oh and by the way I wish you and your   new girl the best of luck,


As  I  will always  keep that special spot in my heart for you as I close this chapter,









lost in translation


We go around and around,


As my heart continue to be lost in translation,


As I’m thinking my head is lost in translation,


As I’m trapped in the middle of two hearts,


I’m lost in translation as I’m watching my baby cry as he screaming my name as he looks at me in tears,


I say listen Charles I love you so much I was drunk,


No he say as he pushed me away as I stayed lost in translation,


 Ten years Rachael I gave you everything I loved so much we’ve together since we were in dippers I work two jobs to be your king is this how you repaid me by sleeping with my brother, I’m loss in translation as I’m crying my eyes out,


Baby listen I’m sorry for cheating with Bradley


 Why my beautiful angel just why I’m lost in translation as I’m looking into your eyes,


 It was the night before our wedding I was under a lot of stress and I had a little bit too much to drink and had oral sex with Bradley,


 Baby girl I’m so lost in Translation as I go to the courthouse and sign the papers and finally say goodbye forever as you stay struck in translation,  







I’m not the jealous type,


But when I see you with her,


I just get envy inside,


As you walked holding hands,


I say why her?


And not me,


As I see her with her curly blonde hair, 


And her beautiful white teeth,


I so wish she were me as I get J.E.A.L.O.U.S


Boy I don’t know why you don’t noticed me as you walk down these halls,


As I’m that J.E.A.L.O.US girl,


Don’t  you know that looks aren’t everything,


She’s  a girl with coldheart  look deep now in her soul,


As I’m that J.E.A.LO.US girl


Boy don’t  know why you got me acting like this ,


Same Love


It been 2 years since we said goodbye,


All the good times I still remember,


The laughs we shared,


The kisses we shared,


The cuddling we used to do,


The love we shared,


As you left this earth so suddenly,


As you were the love of my life,


As I remember the fight for our love as we are not accept for being the same love,


I was never leaving your side as you were my world my best friend my everything,


As you leave this earth I know that you be with me wherever I go,



I decided this poem to Shane Bitney Crone and his boyfriend Tom  Bridegroom 

I forgive you



It’s okay I forgive you for all you done,


No need to shed a tear,


I forgive you for all your mistakes you have done,


I forgive you for the package that you left at my front door,


I forgive you for cheating when a close friend of mine way back when we was young

I forgive you I forgive you for the time to put your hands on me,


I forgive you for everything bad that you’ve done,


Now let’s just move on forget about past and start a new life,


As we start a new life a special place in my heart for you I have kept ,


It’s unfortunate that we can’t be together like you want us that something called destiny we have no control over that,


I forgive you for everything now let’s move on to a new beginning ,


I feel like an ass

I feel like an ass

I fell in love with you just thinking about myself

I know its too late now your hurt by My betrayal

Everything is pack this is a rap im sorry I yell as you continue to pack you yell  no its too lateyou made your choice

As I begged on my knees  tears coming down my eyes you walk out the door with a broken heart I continue to feel like an ass




I will be in your heart forever

this week has been a roller coaster in itself,


I cannot believe you’re leaving six months to year from now,


It seems far to other people but for us it seems to get closer and closer for me,


I’m trying not to dwell on the fact that you’re leaving six months to year from now,


I’m so scared for you just the thought of you putting on that uniform it’s just all so real,


Don’t worry you’ll be in my heart forever ,


As you put on that uniform just know that I am in your heart,


I will be there when the battle begins in your heart,


I will be there waiting for you as the plane lands,


I will be there for you every difficult to that you have,


I definitely will just know that I’m proud of you in your decision you made to join the U.S Army