Looking back – 9th grade year


Looking back down at the road,


On the stupid choices I made,


Hanging out with the wrong crowd,


Skipping classes because I told I was too stupid to go to class,


Looking back at the road,


Were teachers laughed at me?


Told me I had a low IQ of an 8 year old,


Looking back at that road,


Laughing my butt off as the teachers are kissing my behind,


Looking back at that road,


I laugh at all those teachers,


That accused me of cheating on test and called me stupid,


As I signed a copy of my book and say thanks for not believing me Tylia Flores,


As I walk out with the smile on my face, thinking about my new future beginning I can say is look at me now,






No more Teacher Bullies



No more teacher  bullies

What has this world come to?


I can’t believe this is happening again to me,


These public schools don’t give a dam about our education, and us


Were always getting mistreated and judged by our disabilities?


And I’m getting quite annoyed why you might ask,


Because of this situation the situation that has the replays in my head since the day it happened,


See when I was just a little girl seven years old I was on the school bus on my way back home from summer school, I was being nice and sweet that’s just my personality I said hello to the monster bus driver,

Do you know what I got in return?


A smack across the face for no apparent reason but my appearance, that wasn’t the end of my neglect in public schools,


When I was just 15 I was walking to the bathroom when two monster aids came and attacked me in the girls bathroom,


There was another time when I was 12 years had to go to the bathroom so bad but they do not want to take me she said I would have to pee on my self that was the most embarrassing moment of my life


What is it going to take for these teacher bullies to stop and get fired?!,

Look at strut chazif For example his son got   bullied and humiliated by his own teachers and  teaching assistants in that classroom,


 What more will it take for America and  the nation to stand up to this teacher bullies,


 I would take a pledge from now on that I would never  let that happened me ever again or  any other child with a disability,