As we grow apart and make it to fame


 Laying in my bed,


Just looking to the moon and stars,


Just thinking how pround of you I’m,


You have come a long way dealing with your challenges,


Fighting for my dream brings tears of joy to my eyes,


After everything we said to eatchother I hate you I love you ,


You finally changed for the better ,


I guess this  was all apart of god’s plan,


For us to grow apart and make our way to fame,


I’m a published  author now your on your way to becoming the next Tiger Wood ,


Oh and by the way I wish you and your   new girl the best of luck,


As  I  will always  keep that special spot in my heart for you as I close this chapter,









you have cerebral palsy? So what !


Why don’t you shut your mouth and listen,


Don’t you know you have a great life?


Enough of you making excuses for yourself,


You have Cerebral palsy so what that’s no excuse to give up,


  People tell you can’t do something so what who are they to judge you,


There’s just haters that just know your name not your story,


 You got to keep going no matter what people think of you,


People will always  stereotyped you but you have to always have a smile on your face  and said hello I’m me so what ,


You just got to be yourself I make it today and forever on,




I’m not the jealous type,


But when I see you with her,


I just get envy inside,


As you walked holding hands,


I say why her?


And not me,


As I see her with her curly blonde hair, 


And her beautiful white teeth,


I so wish she were me as I get J.E.A.L.O.U.S


Boy I don’t know why you don’t noticed me as you walk down these halls,


As I’m that J.E.A.L.O.US girl,


Don’t  you know that looks aren’t everything,


She’s  a girl with coldheart  look deep now in her soul,


As I’m that J.E.A.LO.US girl


Boy don’t  know why you got me acting like this ,


On top of the world


I’m fire up right man,


I feel like a champion,


I feel on top of the world as I look down at my screaming fans,


Thanking them for everything as I think about how far I came,


Living in the Bronx with my momma rising me,


With my” sperm donor “nowhere to found but on the basketball court,


 It was so the hard knock life for me and my mom, who is my rock,


Dealing with doctors not giving us answers the first year of my life,


Trying to kill myself at 15 years old as I was fighting in the ring as I got K.O ,


But I made it I’m a on top of the word,








The Moon night sky


As I look up at  the moon night sky,


I see the stars in my eyes,


As I look up at  the moon night sky,


I see my dreams in the stars,


As I look up at  the moon night sky I see my future as I stand in the hall of fame  ,


As I look up at the moon night sky I think about all things I have overcame,


As I look up at the moon night I take a second to thank god and all the cheerleaders  I have had in  my life,


As I look up at  the moon sky I see my future it looks so bright ,


As I look at the moon night sky I see a star shining at me looking so bright,


As I look at the moon night sky I smile and about what to come,

Special Needs Awareness – Stop Discrimination Why must we?


Why must we be separated from the other students?


Why must we be treated differently?


Why must we be judged based on our uniqueness?


Why must we be stereotyped based on our looks?


 Why must our dreams be destroyed because of you?


If I were in public school I would think it hates me have you watched the news lately?


Why must we be treated differently when in reality we are all equal?

Why dose it take one IQ test to demined if were smart?


Why must have to become afraid to go get an A+in school?


Why must we be afraid to take a stand for what we believe in?


As of Today I will no longer be afraid to take a stand for I believe in ?


As I start this movement to stop discrimination against special needs students ,!





We play the same old games Break up to make up


We play  the same old games,


Back and forth in our brains,


Not knowing what we want For each other because we’re the same,


 Round and round with our heads in shame,


Through all the mistakes we made,


I can’t explain it as we play more games back and forth and side to side,


 as I’ve come to realize that I can’t take this anymore,


As our hearts keep spinning with emotions as our brains play the same game,


It’s very hard for me to tell if you’re serious about this,


As we claim the same old game back in forth side to side,


All around as our hearts beat faster in the world as we play the same old games,